Saturday, 21 May 2011

Been a busy bee!!

Had complete cardmaking head on today! Have made FOUR in total! The ideas just keep on coming its great! One of the cards I've made is for my Grandads 90th Birthday next weekend! Bless him! What an age!

I remember when I was little Mum and Dad used to have a pond in the back garden and he used to do this thing that would leave me in awe lol.... he used to crouch down by the pond and it looked like he was putting his hand in and he pulled out this goldfish coloured orange thing and put it in his mouth!!! :o

Obviously it was years later that I discovered it was a bit of carrot! LMAO! I remember the weirdest of things from my childhood!

Anyway....back to the cards LOL! Here are the 4 I've produced today!

As always, any comments or feedback on any of my creations is much appreciated.

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  1. Very cute!!
    I love the Baby card! They are all

  2. Lovely you are so talented xx

  3. really cute darling xxx well done

    Love Shellybobbins xxx