Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Just a waffle really...

.....had docs this morning to do a review on my medication. For those who don't know, I won't bore you with the ins and outs but Ive had 3 breakdowns! :(

Was put on anti depressants (fluoxetine 20mg) over 19 months ago and quite frankly they done nothing for me. So last time I hit rock bottom the docs decided to try me on citalipram 20mg(sp). Well have been on those for just over 2 months now and again theyve not really done alot for me so today the doctor decided to up my dosage to 40mg. Now in one breath Im really hoping they help but in the other im a little peeved that I NEED to have the dose upped, and that I clearly NEED these things as I am a mess without them!

Another reason why my venture is important to me as it will give me something to focus on.

Full of cold too so a little extra grumpy! BUT my kids keep me going too! Just sat and listened to my gorgeous daughter Izzy (8) read to me. Xavier (5) lives on his own little planet and constantly has me LMAO! He is such a character! They are my life and I wouldnt be without them! Im so proud of them!

Tonight, once theyve both had their baths I'm going to start on making my 1st card! Im really excited about this new venture!

Hope you have all had a good day.



  1. I knew you'd had a tough time, but I didn't realise you were on regular medication and that it was quite as serious as this! I'm so sorry you've struggled so much and I hope the medication does start to help a little. Hugs xxx (and it's not waffle, it's your life, so it's important and worth reading about. xxx)

  2. Awww thank you! Just dont want to bore people! LOL

    Feeling creative and have goodies to play with.......

    As arnie says...."I'll be back"

    :) xx

  3. Hi
    no way will you bore people, congrats on your blog and doing some crafts.
    I have been there hun and still on the meds.
    But crafts and Jewellery making keep me busy, creative and like you said something to focas on.