Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pleased today!!!

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, I have FINALLY received an appointment for Xavier re: referral for suspected Aspergers. The ball is finally rolling. Its been a long wait already but am preparing myself for a long haul ahead too!

Appt is 13th June so not too far away!

Dont get me wrong he is the most amazing little boy, very loving, very clever etc etc but his "meltdowns" are becoming increasingly hard to deal with! Its so tiring. Im not giving him any special treatment so am putting discipline into place where needed but its just trying to snap him out of these "meltdowns" or trying to prevent them happening before they kick off or explaining things to him. It really is hard work. I just feel that once we have an official diagnosis I will definitely know what Im dealing with, and will have more support to help deal with it too!

I love my son (and my daughter of course!!) with all my heart and I just want to be able to deal with every day life with more knowledge and peace of mind. 

My kids make me very proud! :) 

Look at him...... like butter wouldnt melt!! LOL

He's an Angel!

This is Xavier

And here is my gorgeous girl Izabel

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